Sometimes You Can’t Have What You Want

The government shutdown is now in day 16.  Today we received a partial paycheck for working the week before the shutdown.  It was 1/3 of our regular take-home.  (Let’s not even talk about the fact that my husband is still working – for free).  I’ve already mentioned that I cannot buy groceries, and that we’re living off what is in the cabinets and freezer.  But now I am 100% certain that we cannot pay the mortgage on November 1st.

One thing I have always enjoyed was monthly subscription boxes.  I used to get a lot of them.  But in the last 3 or 4 months, I started canceling.  Obviously this was nothing to do with the shutdown, but it had a lot to do with:

1.  poor box curation,

2.  skyrocketing prices,

3.  crappy shipping

In all, I’ve cancelled 20 boxes in the last 6 months.  Each of them for one or more of the above reasons.  I currently only have  5 active subscriptions, and 2 that are finishing out their pre-paid subscriptions.  Today I cancelled Ipsy Glam Bag.  Mainly because I don’t wear makeup, and no matter what I do with my profile, they keep sending me mascara and eyeliner in every bag.  I only subscribed for the cute little bags, but they’ve been quite rubbish, too.

So when the news came out today that the POPSUGAR Must Have box with Neiman Marcus would be $250 (instead of the typical $100 for the luxury boxes), I about died.  Not a fat ass chance in hell could I even budget for that!  It would have been a struggle to come up with $100!  As I commented on Liz’s Blog, I think POPSUGAR plans to increase the prices of all their luxury boxes.  Had it not been for a great October Musthave box, I would have cancelled POPSUGAR as well.

The fact is, we really can’t have everything we want.  Sometimes, we can’t have anything we want.  Right now I’m thankful I have a little bit of food left in the house to feed my son.  I know there are some in my position who don’t.  I don’t need a $250 box.  What I do need is a $5 half-gallon of milk.

I Love The Rain

I honestly do.  All I want to do is sit in front of the window with a cuppa and stare at it.  Unfortunately, having a toddler doesn’t allow for too much “me-time.”

I spent the entire day waiting for the mailman.  I was expecting my washi tape delivery, as well as Popsugar Must Have.  After they announced they were raising their prices, I (along with many other subscribers) threw a temper tantrum and said this would be the last one.  I had a feeling they would want to keep their subscribers and send out a fantastic box.  Boy, did they!  This isn’t a sub box blog, so I’m not going into detail, but I’m totally stoked.  I had just added The Can’t Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified to my wish list, and Popsugar put it in the box!  YAY!  That added to a bazillion other things that I love, they’ve convinced me to stick it out.

I did get my washi tape from Wishy Washi Tape.  I love how beautiful they are and cannot wait to do something with them.  I really don’t know what, though.  I have a preserves jar that I would like to wrap in the tape, so we’ll see if I can accomplish that tomorrow.

Washi Tape

Started the Halloween decorations, and am currently watching The Big Bang Theory.  I guess I’ll finish the decorating in the 1.5 hours until SCANDAL!