Happy Monday To You…

I’m one of the few people in the world who loves Mondays.  Mainly because my husband goes back to work and my son & I can get back on schedule.  I love my husband, but by Sunday evening, I am very ready for him to be out of the house.  Here are some other thoughts I’ve had this weekend:

1.  Having extended family of in-laws thrust upon you, being told to entertain them, and watching them look down their highbrow noses at my small town and local Irish pub – exactly how I enjoy spending my Saturday.

2.  I think parents of teenagers shouldn’t allow them to play in the kids play area of fast-food restaurants.  My tiny child is not only frightened by them, but runs the risk of being mowed down and injured.

3.  My mother-in-law brought me a belated birthday present, and hid cash all over it.  That may have been the sweetest, most endearing thing ever.  It meant much, and it helped even more.

4.  I’m pretty sure my husband has no intention of putting up the Halloween decorations outside.

5.  Today I noticed my son was actually singing along with the ABC’s song on his toys.  He’s now saying A B C D back to me when I sing it to him.  Well, in his adorable “I’m not really talking, yet” way.

6.  I think fast-food should be fast.  My husband waited 10 minutes for french fries at Burger King, and what he was given was ice cold.  I forced him to take them back, and guess what?  The kid took the box of fries AND THREW THEM BACK IN WITH THE REST FOR THE NEXT CUSTOMER!

7.  My Father-In-Law has been ill recently.  What we thought was cleared up (as played up by his wife), apparently is not.  Beside the fact that he’s in his 70’s and has Parkinson’s, I’m genuinely concerned that this may be the beginning of the end.  My husband has never experienced anything like this, and I’m not sure he realizes his parents aren’t immortal.

8.  I’m so pissed off that I went all the way to Target, had a coupon, and a cartwheel offer, to get their organic eggs.  And guess what?  I bought eggs, alright…but they weren’t effing organic!  I’m furious as they were sooo expensive.  I would never pay that much for conventional eggs!

9.  I have never been more excited to open an electric bill.  It was $100 CHEAPER than last month!

10.  My son has recently decided he loves his mommy.  In fact, he won’t leave my side…not while I’m cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, going to the bathroom, even sleeping.  Mommy’s tired.

Uncle Sam Opened His Doors…Will He Open His Wallet?

I saw the OPM notification come through around 1:30 this morning.  Didn’t make a difference to us.  My husband never stopped working.  He did stop getting paid to work, though.  As I lay there in bed, I wondered if the government would decide to pay it’s employees for the more than two weeks of shutdown.  Back in the 1990’s, they paid everyone retroactively.  EVERYONE.  They paid the “essential” people who continued to work during the shutdown, and they also paid the people who didn’t go to work.  That doesn’t seem very fair, does it?  Don’t get me wrong, I think this whole situation is a pile of dog poo and nobody deserved to be furloughed and not paid.  But shouldn’t the priority be the folks who have been working, and working extra shifts, at that?  If those who didn’t work get paid, isn’t that tantamount to a two-week paid vacation?  Without any loss of leave?  So those folks can then take another paid vacation?  Those individuals were legally allowed to file for unemployment, or even get another job.  My husband could do neither because he still had to go to work.  So the time that could have been spent earning additional income, fixing up something around the house, or just enjoying the family, was not given to us.

Trust me, I’m not in any way complaining about the furloughed workers.  Nor am I stating they shouldn’t get paid at all.  What I am hoping for is a priority level when the government decides on payment and funds.  If there is not enough money to pay everyone, how about we pay those who were forced to keep working?

Sometimes You Can’t Have What You Want

The government shutdown is now in day 16.  Today we received a partial paycheck for working the week before the shutdown.  It was 1/3 of our regular take-home.  (Let’s not even talk about the fact that my husband is still working – for free).  I’ve already mentioned that I cannot buy groceries, and that we’re living off what is in the cabinets and freezer.  But now I am 100% certain that we cannot pay the mortgage on November 1st.

One thing I have always enjoyed was monthly subscription boxes.  I used to get a lot of them.  But in the last 3 or 4 months, I started canceling.  Obviously this was nothing to do with the shutdown, but it had a lot to do with:

1.  poor box curation,

2.  skyrocketing prices,

3.  crappy shipping

In all, I’ve cancelled 20 boxes in the last 6 months.  Each of them for one or more of the above reasons.  I currently only have  5 active subscriptions, and 2 that are finishing out their pre-paid subscriptions.  Today I cancelled Ipsy Glam Bag.  Mainly because I don’t wear makeup, and no matter what I do with my profile, they keep sending me mascara and eyeliner in every bag.  I only subscribed for the cute little bags, but they’ve been quite rubbish, too.

So when the news came out today that the POPSUGAR Must Have box with Neiman Marcus would be $250 (instead of the typical $100 for the luxury boxes), I about died.  Not a fat ass chance in hell could I even budget for that!  It would have been a struggle to come up with $100!  As I commented on Liz’s Blog, I think POPSUGAR plans to increase the prices of all their luxury boxes.  Had it not been for a great October Musthave box, I would have cancelled POPSUGAR as well.

The fact is, we really can’t have everything we want.  Sometimes, we can’t have anything we want.  Right now I’m thankful I have a little bit of food left in the house to feed my son.  I know there are some in my position who don’t.  I don’t need a $250 box.  What I do need is a $5 half-gallon of milk.