Shutdown Dinners

Yeah, the government shutdown is causing my kitchen creativity to suffer.  I’ve not purchased any meat because we can’t afford it.  We’re living off of what we have stocked in the house, most of which was purchased for my 18-month-old.

Last night we had Annie’s Homegrown rotini pasta – essentially an organic version of Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

Throw in some peas and kale and you’ve got a meal.  Yum. 

Tonight I threw Mom Made Food’s Chicken & Apple Meatballs into some Organic Turkey Gravy.

Add Organic Quinoa and Organic mixed vegetables, and you’ve got another shutdown meal.

I guess I feel fortunate that I had previously bought so much frozen food.  I wasn’t watching the news and didn’t know the shutdown was even on the table when it happened.  The truth is, we’ve seen the posturing before.  In my many years as a Fed, they did this a lot.  In fact, it got pretty serious a few years ago, but they just kept on with these continuing resolutions.  My husband never came home and said, “Hey, there is a possibility of a shutdown.”  Had he done so , I might have planned our finances better.  But for now, we’re just going to have to survive on Mac & Cheese and frozen meatballs.