Facebook Friday

I’m new to Facebook.  There is no question that I’m not a social butterfly with all these connection media sites.  I spent many years essentially prohibited from using Facebook, so as soon as I quit my job, I signed up.  Only, I still don’t trust that site, so I don’t have any pictures of myself or my kid up.  I only have a few friends, and I essentially use it to follow what they’re saying and read about companies I like.

So when my timeline is littered with vicious political rants (by people who have no education and don’t even know how the government works), I find it difficult to enjoy using Facebook.  That’s why I’ve made a point to not friend my extended family.  However some got through, and their meanness did, too.

I believe in the right to have your own opinion and to share it whenever and however you like.  But what I don’t believe in is saying that you are the sole authority on how the United States Government works, and belittling other people who feel differently from you.  Especially when you didn’t graduate high school and the people you are wagging your finger at have advanced degrees in Political Science, LOL!  Trust me, the government is not run by a single man who has carte blanche to do whatever he wants.  There is a system in place, which includes advisors, congress, not to mention a bazillion laws.  Seriously, take a high school civics/government course, then come back and voice your opinion.

Until then, I am ignoring your viciousness and ignorance, and truthfully – you, altogether.