What I Love About My Son This Week

1.  The sound of him talking to himself while playing in his room

2.  The way he looks walking along with his dad…so tiny, yet so sure of himself

3.  How curious he is about anything away from home

4.  His determination to walk where he wants, when he wants, with no interference from us parents

5.  That he was such a big boy at the pediatrician yesterday (for the first time, ever!)

6.  How he cried and cried until I held him last night, then cuddled me so tight it was like he actually loved me, LOL!

7.  The way he parrots my laugh and we go back-and-forth, laughing until he gets bored

8.  How he smiles when he catches my eye from across the room

9.  When he occasionally runs to me and gives me a big hug

10.  His current and hilarious fixation on putting his toys in my cleavage – too funny!



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