I Love The Rain

I honestly do.  All I want to do is sit in front of the window with a cuppa and stare at it.  Unfortunately, having a toddler doesn’t allow for too much “me-time.”

I spent the entire day waiting for the mailman.  I was expecting my washi tape delivery, as well as Popsugar Must Have.  After they announced they were raising their prices, I (along with many other subscribers) threw a temper tantrum and said this would be the last one.  I had a feeling they would want to keep their subscribers and send out a fantastic box.  Boy, did they!  This isn’t a sub box blog, so I’m not going into detail, but I’m totally stoked.  I had just added The Can’t Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified to my wish list, and Popsugar put it in the box!  YAY!  That added to a bazillion other things that I love, they’ve convinced me to stick it out.

I did get my washi tape from Wishy Washi Tape.  I love how beautiful they are and cannot wait to do something with them.  I really don’t know what, though.  I have a preserves jar that I would like to wrap in the tape, so we’ll see if I can accomplish that tomorrow.

Washi Tape

Started the Halloween decorations, and am currently watching The Big Bang Theory.  I guess I’ll finish the decorating in the 1.5 hours until SCANDAL!

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